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    With a sound that merges the plaintiveness of post-hardcore with the punishing heaviness of metalcore, Bury Tomorrow attack listeners from all fronts with their emotionally charged metal assault. Offsetting layers of pleasant, atmospheric melody with sudden bursts of chugging heaviness, the band uses its breakdowns to create a brooding, moody effect, as if the songs are lurching into a fit when provoked from their somber ruminations. Emerging in 2007, the band topped the charts in their U.K. homeland with the release of their third effort, 2014's Runes, which also did well overseas. Subsequent efforts did little to temper the fire, delivering huge blasts of melodic metalcore with extreme prejudice.



    Metalcore band August Burns Red strives to deliver a positive message along with the forceful attack of their music. Their sound is technically precise, with carefully aimed volleys of guitar (both harsh and melodic) and howling vocals paired with rigorous, unrelenting rhythms, often employing unconventional time signatures. Along with the aggressive performances, however, ABR avoid the darker themes common to metalcore, instead urging their listeners to better themselves and the world around them. The group first found their feet creatively with their second album, 2007's Messengers; 2013's Rescue & Restore was a success with both critics and fans, and earned ABR their first Grammy nomination; and 2017's Phantom Anthem was another effort that earned enthusiastic reviews and was a chart success.*


    * Source: allmusic.com


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